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Joy of Wine

Besides, Stefan Zehetbauer wants to do something else with his wines: to bring joy. It is thus important to him to capture clearly and distinctly the specific site and terroir of each vineyard in the wines.


Rock music

Although harmony is his credo, his wines also can and ought to be challenging and have some tension. The vintner also takes inspiration from music. To be precise, it is rock music in its different forms - if only “handmade” and “honest”. To compare songs with wines – in terms of style and structure – is one of his great passions. For wine, too, follows a certain dramaturgy, comprising an opening part, midsection, refrain, and finale. And most important: the emotions that are awoken and will stick in your memory.


In his work, the vintner is driven by his constant striving for further advancement and the basic claim to attach great importance to seemingly small matters. Words of recognition and appreciation by customers or wine critics consequently spur him on to follow exactly this path.